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Two words that say it all!

This bike’s high riding movement let’s you see the road ahead of you at an all new elevation

elevation of vision
elevation of energy
elevation of sensation

This bike’s sweet height will charge you up!

Very Big Bike is a contemporary design with a new concept. The concept and design are brought together to create a sweet high rider for bicycle enthusiasts worldwide.

The idea is Fun Movement, and this bike does it.


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  • PRODUCTS - Shipping included!

  • Very Big Bike Model 40-P1
  • Retail: $1395.00

  • VB Bike Frame and Fork Set Model 40-P1-FF
  • Without components
  • Retail: $750.00

  • Future Models: Superior Sport & Giddy Up
  • Color Options: Red, Blue, Yellow, & Black

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Shipping included!

Very Big Bike Model: 40-P1
Retail: $1395.00
Frame & Fork Set Model: 40-P1-FF
Without components
Retail: $750.00

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Frame: Dimensions: Metric:
DOM Steel Frame Set 1-1/4in. x .065 & .083  
Rear Wheel Stays 5/8in. x .058in.  
Stem to Floor Height 54in. 137.16 cm.
Average Saddle
to Floor Height
50in. 127 cm.
Crank to Saddle Post Clamp Length 20in. 50.8 cm.
Wheelbase 50in. 127 cm.
Stem Bar Set Uno, adjustable
Crank Set Sram Truvativ ISOFlow 1.0 Powerspline,
42t x 175mm with bash guard
Brakes Tectro Duel Pivot
Wheel Sets Alex rims X2100 with quick release
26in. x 1.90 duel use rubber
Freewheel 7 speed
Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow or Black
Weight 38 lbs.,14.51 kg
NOTE: Some component specifications subject to change without notice.
Boss set for water bottle racks
Kickstand compatible
  ASTM-F2711-08, and ASTM-F2273-10
  U.S. Patent Number US D619,051 S

Frequently Asked Questions

  • » How do you get on that thing?
  • Stand at the left side of the bike and have both hands on handle grips, then, with the left pedal in the lower position, place left foot on the left pedal, then with your right foot, give the bike a push to start the bike rolling, and raise up and swing your right leg over the seat and set right foot on right pedal and start pedaling.
  • Check out this Video to see how it's done.
  • » What do you do when you stop?
  • Dismount!
  • » Why is that bike so big?
  • It lets you see much further up the road than on a low performance bike.
  • » Why are you riding such a tall bike?
  • Because it is so much FUN!
  • » Where can I get one?

Right here!

Shipping included

Very Big Bike Model: 40-P1
Retail: $1395.00
Frame & Fork Set Model: 40-P1-FF
Without components
Retail: $750.00


We are glad to assist you in becoming a dealer to market the VERY BIG BIKE. We are currently developing a national dealers network and will continue to add new dealers info here. Please contact Joseph VanLoozen at VanLoozen Brother Bicycles to establish an account and purchase bikes for your retail shop.

231-838-8030 tallbikejoe@gmail.com


The Very Big Bike is available for shipment to individuals and dealers.

Please understand that there may be specific tools needed to properly assemble and adjust the Very Big Bike. We suggest you have a bike shop mechanic confirm that proper assembly has occurred, prior to use, with any bicycle.

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VanLoozen Brothers Bicycles warrantees these bikes to be free of manufacturer’s defects upon shipment. Should any need arise to contact the manufacturer, inquiries can be addressed to:


Joseph VanLoozen of VanLoozen Brothers Bicycles and Scott Southers of BSM Technologies teamed up in 2007 to develop the Very Big Bike in order to fill a need in the cycling community, first recognized some years ago by Joseph, to have this extra fun ride.

We modified an early (1978) model tall bike, that Joseph built in shop class, into our current 2010 model  40-P1, (For The People).

Joseph has been creative with many projects, ranging from metallurgy and woodworking, to landscape design and architectural planning. He has been influenced by many years, and good times, riding and driving horses, and running the roads on many eye catching rigs. Building and refining this bicycle to be a well balanced and technically sound riding machine has been great fun, and he wants to make sure everyone gets a chance to share the fun this bike has to offer.

Scott has been into bikes forever, has a great collection of vintage bikes, and has been part of numerous bike frame start ups. A mainstay for his shop has been setting up mounting devices for software development for Bosch, Ford, GM, and others. Scott has advanced his tubular fabrication shop to bring everyone who is into bikes one of the most contemporary designs yet.

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